Retirement Era

Proposing Works Better Than Forcing…

You may have heard that we are creatures of habit. This is very much true. What else is true, is that we live in an ever-changing world. Change is coming, it is just a matter of time. Another way of saying it, is that “it is going to rain one day.”

Seniors of all people are frequently resistant to change. Perhaps they have been in habits and routines for years and years and to change something in their lineup would simply be unheard of. As we all know, change is one of those things certain in life. Moving seniors is a big deal, because the chances are that they have lived where they are living for a number of years. To have them move somewhere else may not come so easy.

It can be in the best interest of seniors to move to a senior living community. Life is full of changes, and at some point in an individual’s time, it can be very beneficial to have them move into a retirement community. There are many resources onsite with regards to physical activities, emotional care, health care, and leisurely activities as well with other seniors. Mystic retirement community sales office in Mystic, CT has lunch opportunities where folks can come in and get a real inside look at life in the senior community.

Change should be something proposed to seniors as a possibility, not as an absolute. In other words, people are more open to doing things and saying yes when they are given the choice to do so. Present senior living as an option; no one should be forced to do something they do not want to do. Once they see the benefits and community life, chances are they will opt to join a retirement community. Propose the idea, do not force it.

Nursing Care

Steps In Selecting A Nursing Home

So, you think you or your elderly loved one needs to be in a nursing home? By definition, a nursing home is an establishment that provides residential and health care accommodations for its residents. They are most commonly for elderly people, but other folks in recovery may be suggested to go to a nursing home for on-call nursing care while they recover and heal.

Here are some steps to deciding on which nursing home to go to:

Look at nursing homes in your local area. Start your search online, inquire for more information by phone or email. Makes your own list and add notes as you applicable.

Compare and contrast the nursing homes you have located. Pay special attention to how they compare in cost to quality. Perhaps make a list of indisputable requirements that you want your nursing home to have. Keep this list of standards, and suit them up to the list you have composed. If you do not know the answer, inquire further. This should help to whittle down the possibilities list.

Finally, go and see the nursing homes live and in person. Visit them, walk the grounds, see their event calendar, talk pricing, talk with others who have a different perspective like some of the residents if you can. (If you cannot, that may be a red flag.)

Be sure to check out a couple nursing homes across the United States, perhaps closer to other family members. The nursing home in the Orlando area has been known to be a top notch nursing home when compared to all others. Start early in your search and take your time in making a decision.

Nursing Care

The Golden Years

Isn’t it funny how as young adults you just cannot wait to go out into the world and live independently? This is not true for all cases, but it is a very common occurrence. Those who have just graduated high school, cannot wait to leave the nest and go out into the big wide world.

Well, not everyone fits into that profile. As young people you cannot wait to get away, and then as you get older and mature you look back and think about how simple life was while you were living under your parent or guardian’s roof. There are stark differences living dependently and independently. There are times in life when it is appropriate to live in both of those circumstances.

For seniors who are climbing up there in age, living independently is a big deal. They have been living as an adult for many years and have not needed outside help. Chances are they do not want help; this is understandable. Independent living for a senior can feel like an accomplishment. If the senior is able to care for themselves and possibly care for their significant other, then they are fine to carry on life as usual.

When the time comes for a senior or an elderly couple to need assisted living care, it is a big deal. There are assisted living choices that cater to the needs of that senior while respecting his or her independent living. As more help is needed, it is made available. Read more about independent and assisted living choices here

In life, the full circle comes complete as children care is needed; then in adult life most folks live independently; lastly, in the golden years some added help is much appreciated.

Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care Info

Sometimes in life, things go wrong and you need some assistance to get back on your feet. Sometimes those things that go wrong, can be your health, and you literally want to get back on your feet to be able to walk again. This is an example of something seen all too frequently these days. Seniors are more likely to fall, and at their age bones can break depending on the individuals overall health condition. Nursing care facilities are the best route to go when someone needs specialized long-term or short-term care.

Skilled nursing facilities offer around the clock care to patients. There is never a lapse in time of a nurse not being on his or her shift. They are aware that there needs to be met and emergencies with patients that may come up needing immediate attention. Just to have that constant care at all hours of the day, even at night, is something to cherish.

At a skilled nursing facility the folks there are meeting physical, social, and psychological needs. Besides the staff, you are not alone. There are others there seeking out care as well. Some are seniors and some are not. Depending on the needs of the patients and the extent of their injuries and such, determines how long their stay will last. Private nursing care for long-term patients is something many seniors require at some later point in their life.


Yes, The Details Matter

nurse and patient

Going into a nursing home and becoming a resident is a big decision. Decisions like this are not to be taken lightly. Nursing homes provide residential accommodations plus the conveniences of on-site health care needs. Although locations like this are not only for the elderly, it is usually elderly people who live there.

It is greatly convenient to have medical services and living services in the same building. A nursing home that offers this as well as round-the-clock emergency response care should be considered at the top of your list when looking for a nursing home. It is nice to find one that also has an on-site social worker and an in-house physician. When you are in a nursing home, you are also living your life there, so you want to be sure all of the bases are covered. Find one with a salon. Locate one that offers personal assistance for daily living activities that you may need help with, such as dressing, grooming, bathing, etc. Depending on your unique needs, research if the facility has any specialty diet or meals planned and prepared.

Asking the tough questions upfront (and the silly seemingly silly ones, too) make it so that all of the bases are covered. A professional and experienced nursing home will have the proper nursing care team lined up to help. The details matter, so ask those questions and get informed before you select the place you plan to live at.